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Lorenzo Camporese
"I've written and directed a short film titled "Ritorno." It follows the story of two sisters, Loretta and Rita, born into an Anglo-Italian family in London, well-known within the Italian immigrant community. The setting is Lucca, Italy, where the Second World War begins while the girls are on holiday with their family. Their parents, fearing for their safety, leave them with relatives in Italy and return to England, hoping for a swift reunion. However, as the war escalates, London becomes a prime target, prolonging the separation.
I reached out to The Mazzini Garibaldi Charitable Foundation, recommended by my cousin, due to our shared Anglo-Italian heritage and involvement in community events. The Foundation's support enabled me to complete the film in time for the 2024 film festivals, shedding light on our community's struggles and resilience. This film serves not only as a tribute to my mother's story but also as an educational tool for the Italian community in London, emphasizing the importance of community support in overcoming challenges.
I am deeply grateful to the Foundation for their assistance and am dedicated to making them proud by potentially expanding this short film into a feature, showcasing the values they uphold. This journey wouldn't have been possible without their financial aid and encouragement."
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