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Frequently Asked Questions

See our frequently asked questions below...

What size grants does MGF award / How much can I apply for?


The Trustees have made a wide variety of monetary grants which have ranged from £500 up to £40,000.


When will I find out if my application has been successful? How long will I have to wait for a decision?


The Trustees meet quarterly.  We aim to get an outcome to you within a maximum of four months from receiving your application.

When are the Trustees next meeting?


June, 2024.

My application has been declined.  Can I get some feedback? / Do you provide feedback on applications?


Due to the high number of applications we receive, we prioritise reviewing applications and are not able to give feedback on individual applications other than informing you that you/your organisation has been unsuccessful.  We work hard to make sure our guidance and website are as clear as possible.


Can I apply again if I have been unsuccessful?

If your initial application is unsuccessful, you are not permitted to apply for funding again for the same project. However, you are welcome to submit a new funding application for a different project.

Where does the Foundation get its money from?


Returns on investments arising from the original capital donation from the Mazzini Garibaldi Club.


How much does the MGF donate each year?


This varies from year to year.  Historical details are available on the Charities Commission website.


Do you fund projects and charities outside the UK?


Generally, no.


You have funded our organisation/project already - can I apply for another grant?


You can, but the MGF strives to be as diverse and inclusive as possible when considering applications which meet our criteria.


If I include a prepared project proposal, do I still have to complete the application form in full?




Can I post or email my application, or should I submit it online?


We cannot accept postal applications - all applications should be completed online only here. There will be a ‘Submit’ button for you to click once the application has been completed.


How will I know if you have received my enquiry/application?


Once you complete your application, we are notified by an automated response.


If changes occur after an expression of interest/application has been submitted, do we need to inform the MGF?




How are successful grantees selected?


The Trustees review each application against the objectives of the Foundation, the funds available and the mix of donations already granted.  Every Trustee is eligible to vote on each and every application and a clear majority of the Trustees eligible to vote is required to authorise a grant.


Our application is urgent. What can we do?


We review applications in the order we receive them at our quarterly Trustees’ Meetings.  We will send an outcome to you within a maximum of four months from receiving your application.


In exceptional circumstances it is possible for our Trustees to review an application more quickly. There must be a legitimate reason for this, and you will need to explain this reason clearly.  We aim to be fair and try to avoid ‘queue-jumping’!


How do MGF Trustees avoid potential conflicts of interests?


Our Trustees are committed to acting in the best interests of MGF and strive to avoid putting themselves in a position where their duty to MGF conflicts with a Trustee’s personal interest or loyalty to any other person, charity, or body. Trustees cannot receive any benefit from the MGF unless it’s properly authorised and clearly in the charity’s interests - this also includes anyone who’s financially connected to a Trustee - such as a partner, dependent child or business partner.

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