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The Mazzini Garibaldi Charitable Foundation is devoted to supporting the Italian community, and the general public in the UK, through: advancing education; providing financial assistance; promoting equality and encouraging recreation and leisure opportunities.

About Our Foundation

The Mazzini Garibaldi Foundation was created on 7 March 2008 following the decision by The Mazzini Garibaldi Club to donate £1.4m from the sale of its freehold premises.


The charity’s current Trustees have historical links to the Mazzini Garibaldi Club and bring a wide range of disciplines and experiences to the Foundation. They are Chairman: Peter Ciccone, Vice Chairman: Peter Capella, Alessandra Tondelli, Nicky Pini, John Zani, Chiara Belli, Justine Menozzi and Alessandro Giacon.

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“Il vero strumento del progresso è riposto nel fattore morale.”

Giuseppe Mazzini

Foundation Objectives

The charity is devoted to supporting the Italian community and the general public in the UK by:

  • Advancing education in literature, science and art – for example through lectures, classes, examinations, bursaries and scholarships – and the Italian language and culture.

  • Providing financial assistance and support to convalescent and residential care homes, hospitals, infirmaries or any other charitable institutions.

  • Benefiting people of Italian descent resident in the UK by supporting, either generally or individually, those in need, hardship or distress.

  • Promoting equality, diversity and good relations by advancing education, awareness and mutual understanding among people from different countries, especially between the British and Italian communities.

  • Promoting recreation and leisure opportunities to benefit the lives of people who are in need through youth, age, infirmity, financial hardship or social and economic circumstances.


The Trustees have discretion to support other charitable purposes.


The Trustees’ current policy is that grants are made mainly out of the income received from investments.

Since the Foundation’s formation, grants approved by the Trustees include financial support for Olimpiadi Gioventù Italiana (OGI); The Villa Scalabrini Care Home in Shenley; L’Aquila Earthquake Fund; St Peter’s Club, Clerkenwell; COASIT; Finchley Italian social club; Tricolore Theatre Company; Arandora Star Memorials London and Cardiff; Benvenuto a Bordo; Italian Cultural Centre, Wales.

Image by Helena Lopes

Circa £500,000 donated to good causes since the formation of the Mazzini Garibaldi Foundation...

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